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Trading on Huulk (03 Trading on Huulk)

Make sure you have any funds on your account. Go to Dashboard/Tradeview and check your portfolio. Also you can see your funds in your Balances. Go to the Trading page BUY/SELL  and choose the... Read more

How to make the first trade? (03 Trading on Huulk)

 To make a trade, follow the steps below: Make sure there are any funds in your Exchange wallet. To transfer funds to your Exchange wallet, go to category 05 Deposit and Withdrawal. Go to the Trad... Read more

What is an instant order? (03 Trading on Huulk)

Instant order is an easy way how to sell or buy coins. In case you want to realize your trade in a short time, and you do not have specified the price you want to buy or sell, all you have to do is se... Read more

What is a limit order? (03 Trading on Huulk)

Limit order allows you to set a specific price at which you would like to buy or sell a required amount of cryptocurrency. Example: You want to buy 1 OGC for $200, but the current market price of 1 O... Read more

When are the trading fees to be paid? (04 Fees)

Trading fees in Huulk are  0,2%. You have to pay them when you are making instant buy or sell, or when your limit order is executed. Before execution of limit order there is no fee. Read more

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