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05 Deposit and Withdrawal

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Huulk Mission (01 Huulk Mission)

Huulk is bringing years of expertise in the fintech industry to lead the evolving world of digital token exchange. Dedicated to implement best security standards, design and astonishing user experienc... Read more

How to make the first trade? (03 Trading on Huulk)

 To make a trade, follow the steps below: Make sure there are any funds in your Exchange wallet. To transfer funds to your Exchange wallet, go to category 05 Deposit and Withdrawal. Go to the Trad... Read more

Fees (04 Fees)

Fee is a small amount of money you have to pay with your transactions. There is 3 types of fees in the market. Deposit fee Withdrawal fee Trading fee Read more

How much are deposit fees? (04 Fees)

There is no fee when you want to deposit your coins. You just need to pay the fee to the different exchange/CPC wallet/Trezor or other place, from where you withdraw your money. Read more

What is minimum deposit amount? (05 Deposit and Withdrawal)

There is no minimum deposit right now. Read more

Where is my deposit/ withdrawal. (05 Deposit and Withdrawal)

Deposit times vary from coin to coin, depending on the network speed and the number of confirmations required. To check the status of a deposit on the Desktop Website: Login to your account. Go to... Read more

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