HuulkFAQ04 Fees

Fee is a small amount of money you have to pay with your transactions. There is 3 types of fees in the market.

  1. Deposit fee
  2. Withdrawal fee
  3. Trading fee
When are the trading fees to be paid?

Trading fees in Huulk are  0,2%. You have to pay them when you are making instant buy or sell, or when your limit order is executed. Before execution of limit order there is no fee.

How much are deposit fees?

There is no fee when you want to deposit your coins. You just need to pay the fee to the different exchange/CPC wallet/Trezor or other place, from where you withdraw your money.

How much are withdrawal fees?

When you want to withdraw BTC, you pay a fee 1%.
When you want to withdraw CPC, you pay a fee 0.0008 CPC.
When you want to withdraw OGC, you pay a fee 1%.