HuulkFAQ03 Trading on Huulk
Trading on Huulk
  1. Make sure you have any funds on your account. Go to Dashboard/Tradeview and check your portfolio. Also you can see your funds in your Balances.

  2. Go to the Trading page BUY/SELL  and choose the pair you want to trade (for example BTC/CPC).

  3. Then you will need to specify the order size and order price. You can choose whether you want instant buy/sell.  If so, you can choose the price you want to receive for your coins. or limit buy/sell.

  4. Confirm your order by clicking the button “sell” or “buy”.  Once the order is executed, your funds will be credited to your Exchange wallet. The executed/canceled order will then move to the Order History tab. You can check it in your Orders.

What digital tokens are available on Huulk?

Huulk currently supports BTC, CPC, OGC, ETH and PIVX

How to make the first trade?

 To make a trade, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure there are any funds in your Exchange wallet. To transfer funds to your Exchange wallet, go to category 05 Deposit and Withdrawal.
  2. Go to the Trading page and select the pair you wish to trade (e.g. CPC/BTC – buying BTC using CPC)
  3. Specify the Order Size and Price.
  4. After you have specified the size and price , simply click Buy or Sell to execute.
Does Huulk support margin trading?

Huulk currently does not offer margin trading.

What is an instant order?

Instant order is an easy way how to sell or buy coins. In case you want to realize your trade in a short time, and you do not have specified the price you want to buy or sell, all you have to do is set up the amount of coins you want to buy or sell and the system automatically takes the best price on the exchange

What is a limit order?

Limit order allows you to set a specific price at which you would like to buy or sell a required amount of cryptocurrency.

Example: You want to buy 1 OGC for $200, but the current market price of 1 OGC currently is $300. When the market price reaches the required price, an instant order is launched and your limit order gets accomplished.

Note: Your request may not be fulfilled completely in cases of a volatile market. Example: If you want to buy 100 OGC, but the market price drops to your required price for such a short time, that just 60 OGC are available under the conditions of your limit order. The rest (40 OGC) will be still waiting in your limit order.